Vidia Blenders

             Vidia Vacuum Blender BL-001 silver

The future of blending is here

The new Vidia vacuum blender is unlike any other blender on the market. One of the biggest challenges in blending is the loss of nutrients due to the reaction between the oxygen and the high rpms involved in blending. By removing the air from the jar before blending, the Vidia blender practically eliminates this problem. There is almost no foam, colors are brighter, and most importantly vital nutrients are preserved. Also the vacuum causes the material being blended to expand, resulting in finer processing of ingredients.

The unique hexa-blade system utilizes 6 blades at different angles. Combined with a powerful 20,000 rpm motor and the reduced resistance from vacuum blending, ingredients are pulverized to a fine consistency.

The Vidia blender offers the choice of an analog dial for variable speed control, or a fully automatic "one-touch" control that removes the air, pulses the ingredients, and then blends them until smooth.

In addition to the BPA-free 1.5 liter Tritan blending jar, the Vidia blender comes with an extra vacuum jar for storing your smoothies and reducing oxidation. Just pour your smoothie or juice into the vacuum jar, place on the base, and press the vacuum button. In a few seconds the air is removed and your smoothie will stay fresher much longer. You can take it with you or store it in the fridge for later.

Available in both silver and red finishes, the Vidia blender has a modern design that fits in well in any kitchen. 

             Vidia Personal Blender PBL-001


Perfect for smoothies on the go, the Vidia Personal Blender PBL-001 puts the power of countertop blenders into a very compact size. With a powerful 1000-watt motor spinning at 23,000 rpm, this blender makes velvety smoothies in 60 seconds. Just put in the ingredients, press the Auto Blend button, and in a minute your smoothie is ready to drink.  You can blend directly in the 700-ml large jar or the 350-ml to-go cup with integrated handle and take it with you to work, the gym, or wherever you want.

Auto-blend technology uses a pre-programmed cycle of short and long pulses to make the perfect smoothie in just 60 seconds. Or if you prefer, just use the Start button to run it as long as you need, up to 60 seconds at 23,000 rpm. The pulse button lets you break up any hard or stubborn chunks.

The Vidia PBL-001 comes with a large 700-ml main blending jar and a 350-ml to-go cup with an integrated handle. After blending, just remove and rinse the blade assembly, put the to-go lid on the jar and you're ready to go. Or use the storage lid to seal your smoothie in the fridge for later.

The Vidia Personal Blender is designed to pack the maximum power into the smallest size. It takes very little space on your kitchen counter, yet still powers through the toughest ingredients with 1000 watts of power. You can even crush ice with it. The stainless steel body is stylish, durable, and easy to clean.