Vacuum seal products

Vidia Vacuum Sealer


Vacuum sealing dramatically extends the shelf-life of a wide variety of foods - up to 5 times longer. By sealing food in an oxygen-free environment, food stays fresh longer. You can store almost anything including fresh and cooked meat, fruits and vegetables, dehydrated food, cheese, pasta, herbs, rice, nuts, crackers, and more. It is also works great for sous vide cooking.

Unlike other sealers which require you to manually lock both sides of the sealer after closing it, the Vidia vacuum sealer does everything with one touch. Just press the VACUUM SEAL button, and the lid automatically closes. Air is removed, the bag is heat sealed, and then the lid reopens when it is finished.

With its integrated digital scale, you can accurately weigh whatevver you are sealing. You can write this information on the bag for later reference, or measure just what you need for sous vide cooking. With its large digital display, the Vidia vacuum sealer eliminates the need for a stand-alone kitchen scale. It includes a tare function, allowing you to zero out the weright of any plates or bowls before adding ingredients to them.

Included in the box is a starter kit with one roll of vacuum bags you can cut to size, plus 5 stand-alone bags. More bags are available in various sizes here.