Welcome to Vidia!

At Vidia, our focus is on high-quality products that are simple to use, stylish, innovative, and ultra-functional. By leaving out complex controls or needless features, our products offer high performance at a reasonable price. For example, our centrifugal juicer has just one control: an industrial grade on/off switch. That's because it's powerful motor is designed to operate at an optimal 10,000 rpm. Our slow juicer uses a high-torque motor in a stylish compact body to deliver superb results, yet is priced significantly below similar horizontal juicers.  Our blender hides a revolutionary feature under its sleek lines - an integrated vacuum pump that removes the oxygen from the jar before blending. It's the first consumer vacuum blender, and the results are like nothing you've ever seen. 

Great performance, innovation, and ease of use are our hallmarks. You'll find these in every Vidia product.